2020 is a few weeks away and if you are trying to find perfect branded giveaways, this is the best time to plan which product to go for. We, at Y-Not Design & Manufacturing understands how difficult it can be to finalize a promotional product or a custom-made gift for your clients that are a sure shot to get appreciation. When it does, it is a score! We are here to help you decide which corporate gift to choose when it comes to impressing your clients with the finest of fine.

Check out this list of personalized products designed by Y-Not:

1. Ornaments

When it is the time to celebrate New Year, customized Ornament is the most cherished New Year gift for everyone. Customized Ornaments that decorate your clients’ homes and offices can be one of the best ways to promote your logo on the most celebrated time of the year. How would you like to design Ornaments? Take a look at our personalized Ornaments now!



2. Wine Aerators


 A uniquely structured glass bottle that emphasizes on its appealing design, is our Wine Aerator that is lightweight and compact for easy handling. If you like the performance of an innovative aerator that has traditional aesthetics appearance of a decanter, then this is the product for you.


3. Whiskey Boxes



Imprinted with the advertiser’s brand logo, Y-Not Design Whiskey Boxes are designed to amaze your clients this New Year. Apart from the custom-made whiskey glasses, the boxes also include whiskey stones that chill the liquor without diluting it.



 4. Animal Towel Picture Holders



Customized Animal Towel made with 100% cotton terry fabric is a wonderful New Year product. Tell us how would you like to design your personalized Animal Towel that comes with a picture holder.




5. Caps and Beanies


 Y-Not Design has a varied range of caps for everyone. From cool and funky design to extensive detailed caps, we create the headwear that is practical to use. Caps with embedded earphones for all the tech-savvies to connect through Bluetooth is available to reach your doorstep.



 6. Drinkware

Customized branded water bottles, glasses, tumblers, and sippers that are designed to be your client’s favorite custom products. This Drinkware is ideally created to suit both indoor and outdoor events. Y-Not Design has specially crafted the collapsible drinkware that can be stretched to varied sizes to contain drinks. The product is efficiently designed for easy storage. If you looking to gift your client a product that is lightweight, easy to clean, leak-proof and is silicone made foldable drinkware, this product can never miss to awe you.


7. T-Shirts

Y-Not Design has introduced spill-proof T-shirts for users to enjoy their favorite drinks and food without worrying about staining it. The nanotechnology makes the T-shirts water and stain repellent. A wonderful New Year gift for everyone who loves a comfortable and practical product to woo your clients.




8. Sunglasses


For your clients who are branded product enthusiasts, this foldable stylish Sunglasses can be their everyday friends. Create your own design and give the sunglasses their unique look. Isn’t this an innovative New Year gifting idea?



9. Bags



New Year is full of backpacking and traveling. Y-Not has a collection of customizable bags that include smart bags with USB charging ports. Also, check out our reversible tote bags.




Y-Not Design has listed down a few New Year resolutions that promise to make customer experiences better. With a zest of creativity and a whole new range of customized products, we are excited to amaze you. Stay tuned to get updates on our brand-new products.

Don’t forget to comment down your suggestion or query and tell us about your favorite customized New Year based products.


Happy Reading!

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